About Us

We are officially Map of the Month, but known as Maps for the Classroom on the web. A family-owned business, we've been offering desktop-sized outline maps and supplemental geography resources to schools nationwide for almost 30 years.

Who We Are

We started as just brother and sister—and over the years, we have been joined by other family members. Together we all work to make this business support geography education in the United States. We are proud to have influenced a generation of students –and more—with our maps!

Jason Newton is the founder of our company. Jason is a cartographer who graduated from Rhode Island College. After teaching cartography workshops in elementary schools, he saw that students could learn better about geography—and history—with large, hands-on maps.

Jason Newton and Deborah Newton

Deborah Newton and Jason Newton

Together with his sister Deborah, who is a writer and designer, Jason came up with a large size format and at first published about a dozen different titles, including all the continents and USA, Places and Geographic Features map. As time went on, Jay and Deb worked together to increase the line of maps to include, states, countries and regions.

Leslie Newton, Jason’s wife, handles all our bookkeeping, and processes all the orders. She is always trying to make your order go out faster!

We do everything from our office in Providence, RI, including:

  • designing and write all the map material
  • order processing and fulfillment
  • marketing and sales 

Changing Needs in the Classroom

We sensed a need and worked hard to find out what teachers wanted for different topics. When we added history maps, they were a big success! Our history maps are now some of our best-selling maps.

Some of our history maps include:

Digital Geography Resources

Over the years, we have introduced digital resources to enhance the maps and make it easier for teachers to use them. We now have: 

30 Years, Same Goals

Jason’s philosophy was (and still is): why just study a map when you can make one—label it and draw in physical features! Small hands work well on large maps. After all these years, our goals remain unchanged:

Help Teachers Teach

We want to help teachers teach. Our maps support a variety of topics and are designed to support your curriculum.

Make Geography Fun for Students

We believe our maps support not only geography learning, but enhance reading and provide fun for students as they learn.

A Hands-On Approach

In this digital age, we are also more aware that our hands-on maps give students a chance to USE THEIR HANDS in a fun and rewarding way.

We love hearing from teachers! Is there a map you would like to see us provide in the future? Please get in touch with us.

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