Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to commonly asked questions about our geography activity maps and placing orders.

Map Questions

Why the name Map of the Month - is this a monthly service?

We are no longer a monthly service. In the early days of our company we offered maps on a monthly basis. Many of our customers know us by our old name so we retain it for customer recognition. We are known more frequently as Maps for the Classroom.

Are your maps up to date?

All of our maps are up-to-date. When there is a change in the world, we reprint the map to correct it.

What kind of paper are the maps printed on?

The paper we print our maps on is sturdy enough to accept colored pencils, which we recommend. The paper holds up well during map work, without tearing.

Is there a Teacher's Guide included with the maps?

All maps have the activities printed right on them. You can find Teaching Tips with helpful information on using our maps under Map Resources. We also offer loads of free resources, including 14 video-based geography mini courses , map challenges, and links to all finished maps.

In addition, free with your order, you will receive a downloadable Step-by-Step Mapping file in PDF format. This "layered" file shows you the steps to completing the map activities. 

And, if you are looking for even more resources to connect reading, math, science, and more to your geography lesson, check out our CartoCraze Expanded Map Workshop membership. 

Why can't I print the Step-by-Step mapping files?

Our Step-by-Step Mapping product is a digital product meant for projecting on a whiteboard, computer or other digital media. It is not a printable product, but for viewing only. Additionally, the images are so large and detailed, they would not fit on a standard printer.

Can these maps be laminated?

Because the maps are so beautiful when they are completed, many teachers have the maps laminated so they can be referred to for many years. Many schools display the laminated maps in classrooms and hallways. And students proudly hang them at home. We do not provide lamination service.

Who is Earthworm?

Earthworm University

Earthworm has been our mascot from the beginning and he appears on many of our maps and products, helping with the activities. He even has his own Earthworm University!

Order & Shipping Questions

Is there a minimum number of maps I must order?

Yes. You must purchase a minimum of 12 maps. We process orders both small and large — single class size or if you’re ordering to serve your entire school or district.

We offer a 25% volume discount which is automatically calculated when you add any combination of 200 or more maps to the shopping cart. No special codes required.

How do I calculate the price of my map order?

All maps are priced at $1 each. However, we do offer volume pricing. Our 25% volume discount is automatically calculated when you add any combination of 200 or more maps to the shopping cart. No special codes required.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. 

Prefer to pay with a purchase order? We will also provide net terms to organizations and educational institutions with the receipt of a purchase order and credit approval. At this time we accept only US orders.

How soon will my order be shipped?

We usually ship within two days of receiving your order. If you are in a big hurry, please call us at 888-876-6277. We’ll make every effort to get your order to you ASAP!

How are the maps shipped?

All of our maps are shipped flat, without folds, in a strong, easy-to-handle box. We ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS). A tracking number will be provided upon email request.

Maps can be shipped to your school or to your home. We are proud that we have had less than a handful of damaged orders in all the years we have been in business! But, should there be a problem with your order, we will replace it immediately.

How do I submit a product review?

We would love to have you review our map products! Simply find the map you want to review on our web site and scroll down to the bottom of the product details to the Review section. Enter your name, email and give our products a “star rating.” You can also share your comments with us. We hope that many teachers and educators will use this feature to share their tips and ideas for using our maps with our learning community.

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