March 14

Use our popular CIVIL WAR map!


New Map!  CIVIL WAR: The War Between the American States.

A  much-requested addition to our very popular line of history maps!

A large, 16″ X 20″ hands-on activity map that outlines the American Civil War.

A large format map to support your curriculum!

All these features:

  • Two maps in one
  • Small inset map shows Confederate and Union division, territories, Missouri Compromise line
  • Large map included a list of all major battles: by year, date and victor
  • Battles marked on large map with lines for for labeling
  • Detailed MAP KEY with symbols and suggested colors, for students to draw on their maps
  • Clearly presented activities allow students to see how geography was part of the war

Available to order May 1, 2019, on this site, or by phone order, or Purchase Order.  Same pricing as all our other maps!


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