Get More Mileage Out of Your Maps with CartoCraze Expanded Map Workshops

Lesson planning made easy with CartoCraze

Maximize Student Learning Opportunities

CartoCraze Expanded Map Workshops make connecting your geography lessons with reading, language arts, math, social studies and science EASY! 

Despite the wealth of information available online, it is time-consuming and difficult to find suitable content tailored to elementary school levels that can seamlessly integrate geography with other curriculum, leading to missed learning opportunities for students.

With CartoCraze, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to more than 40 workshops containing over 500 activities geared for grades 3-8 that connect the map you are using to additional related content, extending its use across a variety of studies.

The Answer for Time-Strapped Teachers

According to, most teachers have 45 minutes or less each day to plan classroom lessons. Adapting to complexities of curricular reforms and meeting the needs of diverse learners in the classroom leaves many teachers scrambling to fit lesson planning into their increasingly time-starved schedules.  

CartoCraze helps busy teachers by giving them instant access to over 40 fully-researched, immersive content workshops filled with engaging activities that build practical connections from geography lessons to other studies.

Say goodbye to endless Google searches. Instant lesson plan workshops are a click away.

Inside a CartoCraze Workshop

Every CartoCraze downloadable workshop is filled with supplemental content to extend the use of the geography activity map you are working on. Activities in each workshop can be used in individual, group or independent study settings. They can be easily accessed inside our Earthworm University and viewed online, downloaded to a computer or projected for classroom viewing. Each workshop is in PDF format for easy printing of the included coloring printables and vocabulary and spelling worksheets, loads of math, language arts, science and history prompts, and a reading list that ties in with the area being studied.

What's Included

Each CartoCraze Expanded Map Workshop contains:

  • Loads of geography content (beyond what is provided on our maps) and our own hand-drawn map of the area being studied
  • Comparative maps of different kinds — some aerial, some historic, some scientific — that help place the unit in the context of the larger world. Let your students learn about geography through the lens of a wide variety of mapping presentations!
  • Mathematical, scientific or historical questions dealing with a particular aspect of the map
  • Engaging hand-drawn illustrations of an animal or endangered species uniquely tied to the geographic area, along with interesting animal facts
  • Printables of smaller maps and wildlife illustrations
  • Vocabulary and spelling words for each unit
  • A compelling writing activity related to each unit—sometimes calling for a descriptive essay, a poem, and even fictional stories! Writing exercises connect to engaging cultural issues, scientific matters, historical themes, and art.
  • Recommended reading lists that tie in with the area being studied.
cartocraze content

CartoCraze is conveniently organized into the following four geographic areas:



Dive into rivers of the world through 9 expanded map workshops containing over 140 activities.

Amazon River

Mississippi River

Nile River

Rio Grande River

Tigris & Euphrates Rivers

Volga River

Yangtze River

Yellow River

Yukon River



Explore mountain ranges of the world through 10 expanded map workshops containing over 130 activities.


Andes Mountains

Appalachian Mountains

Atlas Mountains


Great Dividing Range


Mount Everest

Rocky Mountains

Ural Mountains



Investigate islands in the oceans through 16 expanded map workshops containing over 170 activities.

Aleutian Islands



Canary Islands


Galapagos Islands







New Zealand


Sri Lanka



Traverse deserts of the world through 8 expanded map workshops containing over 90 activities.

Antarctic Desert

Gobi Desert

Great Sandy Desert

Patagonian Desert

Rub Al-Khali Desert

Great Dividing Range

Sahara Desert

Sonoran Desert

Taklamakan Desert


These workshops are full of well researched information that students really enjoy. They help connect our geography lessons with a variety of subjects and allow us to get even more use out of our maps.

Why Use CartoCraze?

The Lesson-Planning Shortcut That Busy Teachers Love Using Year After Year

Saves Lesson Planning Time 

No more wasted time spent searching for grade-appropriate content that ties in with your lesson. With CartoCraze, you get instant access to done-for-you supplemental content filled with engaging activities students love that extends your geography lessons across math, science, language arts, and more! 

Over 40 Carefully Researched Map Workshops

With 43 fully researched workshops organized into four categories, CartoCraze makes it easy to locate the perfect supplemental content to enhance your lessons. Engage a wide variety of learning styles with the 500+ included activities found inside the workshops.

Unlimited, Forever Access

No recurring subscriptions. Pay once for individual unlimited, forever access inside our Earthworm University. All content is in PDF format and completely downloadable and printable. Use year after year!

Seamlessly Integrates With Activity Maps

Get more mileage from the geography activity maps you purchased by extending the learning opportunities with one of our CartoCraze workshops. Use our handy Map Integration Helper to quickly locate the CartoCraze workshop for your map.

Uplevel Your Geography Lessons With CartoCraze Expanded Map Workshops 

Get lifetime access to more than 40 workshops containing over 500 activities geared for grades 3-8 that connect the activity map you are using to additional related content, extending its use across a wide variety of subjects.

Lesson planning made easy with CartoCraze

Great Value. Lifetime Access!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an annual subscription?

No. CartoCraze is a one-time purchase for individual lifetime access to all 43 expanded map workshops that contain fully researched information, over 500 activities geared for grades 3-8, including delightful wildlife coloring printables and supplemental worksheets.

Can I share the files with my colleagues?

Because this paid content is for individual lifetime access, we kindly ask that you refrain from sharing or distributing the files. We have priced CartoCraze to make it an accessible and affordable tool for most educators.

Can I print the CartoCraze workshop files?

Yes! All CartoCraze expanded map workshops are in PDF format, making them easily downloadable and printable. In addition, you can even use them in the classroom with projection equipment.

How do I know which CartoCraze workshops tie in with my map?

If you are looking for a particular geographic area, we suggest using the four main categories of rivers, mountains, islands, and deserts. Or, check out Map Integration Helper which shows some of our most popular maps and the CartoCraze workshops that work hand-in-hand with them. You will find there is probably a CartoCraze workshop that will tie in with just about every map we sell, including individual US states.

How do I access CartoCraze?

Once you've purchased CartoCraze lifetime access, you will find all CartoCraze workshop files inside the Earthworm University directly under all of our free resources. You will need to be logged in to access this premium content. Log in to Earthworm University.

How do I purchase CartoCraze?

You can purchase individual lifetime access for CartoCraze on our secure website here.