Hands-On Geography Activity Maps Students Love

Knowing how to read a map helps kids make sense of our world.

Children develop spatial awareness skills using maps.

Geography Activity Maps Students & Teachers Love

Say goodbye to boring worksheets that are difficult to label, hard to see small details, and end up in the trash as soon as they go home. Our large-format outline maps are designed to help K-12 students make sense of our world, both past and present, through the use of fun activities that:

  • reinforce neatness
  • encourage research skills
  • promote teamwork
  • inspire creativity

Teachers love our maps because they support history, math, reading, social studies, and more!

16 x 20 inch activity maps for kids

Budget-Friendly Map Pricing

Each 16x20 inch outline map is printed on sturdy paper, shipped flat and is priced at $1 each. We welcome volume purchases and give a 25% discount on all map orders containing any combination of 200 or more maps. Spread the word and order for the entire grade, school or district! We accept purchase orders.

1-199 Maps


200+ Maps


Activity Maps Stimulate a Variety of Learning Styles

Every classroom has a diverse set of learning abilities that demand a teacher's attention. And teachers are being called on to think outside the box to meet these needs. Our 89 maps and classroom tools help today's educators adapt lessons for a wide variety of learning styles including:

  • Visual learners
  • Audio learners
  • Tactile learners
  • Verbal learner
  • Analytical learners
  • Social learners
  • Solo learners
  • Nature learners

Resources to Motivate & Challenge Your Students

Need a fun way to teach American history or world explorer topics? Struggling to liven up your lesson plans? Hands-on activity maps are the answer! Along with the 89 different geography activity maps available, Maps for the Classroom helps busy teachers by providing additional resources that work hand-in-hand with our maps and your curriculum.

Want to engage your students with a daily geography nugget? Our Question-of-the-Day perpetual calendar is a fantastic conversation starter students really enjoy.

Need supplementary content geared for grades 3-8 that dovetails with all of our maps? The CartoCraze premium membership gives you annual unlimited access to 40+ workshop units that seamlessly integrate with our maps. 

Pressed for time? Access 14 free video courses and 8 free downloadable map challenge workshops as time-saving lesson plan helpers inside Earthworm University.

Check out these popular geography resources . . . 

Get More Mileage Out of Your Maps With CartoCraze

CartoCraze helps busy teachers maximize student learning opportunities with forever access to more than 40 done-for-you workshops containing over 500 activities geared for grades 3-8 that connect the map you are using to additional related content, extending its use across a variety of studies.

Lesson planning made easy with CartoCraze

Top Reasons Busy Teachers Love Our Maps

Generously Sized

No more squished words and messy papers! Students have plenty of room to locate and label important geographic details, making it easier to visualize where places, cities, and countries are in relation to one another.

Stimulates Creativity

Students love to color and use their imaginations. No two students will write or color the map exactly alike. Each map will be unique to your young cartographers!

Activities Included

Each map comes with activities printed right on the map!  Use these or your own lesson plans to connect geography with many other subjects. Plus, you receive bonus geography resources with every purchase.

What Teachers Say

I've Been Using the California Maps for the Last 15 Years!

I have been using the California Maps for the last 15 years and LOVE them. I teach California History to fourth graders and using these large maps help the children locate the various areas needed in our studies. My students use these maps as their 'Map Project'. They are given 4 weeks to label and complete all the locations listed on your maps, including the California Missions. The assignment is done at home with atlases as resources: internet as well. Having them search and research on their own, is a skill in itself. The children have loved the project and are very proud of their work upon its completion.

Jensie K.

Students Look Forward to the Maps

I have used Map of the Month for about 10 years. Their customer service is outstanding, and they do their best to get the maps to you quickly. The maps are great! The students learn about the world, and there is always something for them to do when they finish their work. So many of my students love the maps and look forward to doing them. I start off with Map Skills, and that sets the expectation for good work. I then do about six other maps through the year. I love these maps!

Nathalie G.

Who is Earthworm?

Earthworm has been our mascot from the beginning and he appears on many of our maps and products, helping with the activities. He even has his own Earthworm University with free video courses and downloadable map challenges.

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