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What Geography Skills Will You Learn Today?

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CartoCraze is a "buy once, use forever" individual membership that helps teachers spend less time planning & more time connecting geography lessons with a variety of subjects! Geared for grades 3-8, these digital workshops seamlessly integrate with our hands-on paper maps. They are conveniently organized into four geographic areas: rivers, mountains, islands, and deserts. Take a test drive with FREE ACCESS to the Mississippi River, Sahara Desert, and Cuba workshops!

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43 Lessons 

Free Geography Content

Inside Earthworm University, registered users have access to 14 FREE geography mini courses. These courses feature videos from resident cartographer Jason Newton as he completes some of our activity maps right along with you. 

You also get access to Map Challenges that contain 8 FREE mapping workshops in PDF format. Map challenges help students complete the preprinted map activities, and add information about geography, animals and culture. Use the Map Challenge activities to give your students a chance to write—the files all support literacy in your classroom. 

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10 Lessons - Video Courses

It's time to learn about the unusual, breathtaking and stunning geography of the United States that captivated the early explorers and indigenous peoples. In this 10-video series, resident cartographer Jason Newton will help you complete the USA Places and Geographic Features map.

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5 Lessons - Video Courses

In this five-video series, follow along with cartographer Jason Newton as he guides you through the activities on the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest and West desktop activity maps.

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7 Lessons - Video Courses

Work along with resident cartographer, Jason Newton, as he takes you through the geographical features of the eastern coast of America using our Thirteen Colonies activity map.

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7 Lessons - Video Courses

In this 7-video mapping workshop, resident cartographer Jason Newton will work along with you to complete the Continents of the World activity map.

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6 Lessons - Video Courses

Drawing, coloring and labeling maps can be a lot of fun! In this 5-video series, become a student cartographer by filling in details on the Oceanside activity map with resident cartographer Jason Newton.

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8 Lessons - Map Challenge Workshops

Use these 8 downloadable map challenges as your lesson plan to complete all included map activities from eight of our desktop activity maps. Ideal for projectors or for self-study!

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12 Lessons - Video Courses

Explore the varied geography of the third-largest continent with resident cartographer, Jason Newton, in this 13-video series using the North America activity map.

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11 Lessons - Video Courses

In this 11-video series using the World Explorers map, cartographer Jason Newton will help you understand different features of the world's geography and how this played an important role in the expeditions of explorers of the past.

Uplevel Your Geography Lessons With CartoCraze Expanded Map Workshops

Contains over 40 done-for-you workshops that students and teachers love. Saves time on lesson planning and seamlessly integrates geography with other curriculum. Great value, lifetime access!

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