Start Your Map – Video Workshops

Jason NewtonJason Newton, our cartographer, narrates a clear step-by- step way to effectively label and color the features of our map(s). Each student will enjoy learning how to be a cartographer. Each student’s map will be unique!

Supplies Needed

  • a pencil
  • an eraser
  • a box of colored pencils. (Be sure they have blue and green!)

As your students are working on the map, along with Jason’s help, they will want to work carefully and neatly. Jason never rushes the students, and encourages them to take their time to make a map that is made to display!

Remember– the video can be paused at any time to give students more time to work. It is useful for you as a teacher to listen to it first so you can anticipate where you might want to pause. You can break up the video and have students work on the map in small sections over the course of several days or even weeks of class work!


Video Duration: 36 minutes

Join our mapmaker Jason Newton in a video workshop that takes your students through the steps of our most popular map: USA, Places and Geographic Features. This video is based on a workshop that Jason has taught for many years in classrooms around RI and MA. In this video students will be introduced to basic mapping techniques to get them up and running! It is a good introduction to the map as the students study the USA throughout the whole school year.

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